Friday, December 31, 2010

Hi Michael, Thanks for giving us Violin Tutor Pro! I have a Granada violin (I live in India). My only concern is that the fingerboard paint has started fading away ... Any help is appreciated :) Amit Joseph Patole

Hey Amit! Thanks for the comments about Violin Tutor Pro! Glad you are enjoying the software so far. :)

In answer to your question, normally fingerboards are actually not painted. They are made of ebony, which is a solid black material. I have seen a few fingerboards that were made of a different material and then paint was added, but this usually shows that the instrument is poorly made.

Fortunately the fingerboard has nothing to do with how expensive the violin is worth. You can get a new fingerboard put on, which is a little expensive, but worth the money if you have a valuable violin.

On the other hand I wouldn't worry to much, unless you are looking to sell the instrument.

Michael Sanchez

P.S. Can't wait to announce the launch of Violin Tutor Pro Series 2-5!

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