Friday, December 3, 2010

Suzuki Violin Lessons - What Are the Advantages?

A great method of learning violin which has been around for quite a while is called the Suzuki Method. This is a method that has become very popular for learning on the violin, especially for kids that start off at a very young age. A Suzuki certified teacher will teach his classes differently than many other teachers being that he or she focuses on learning the violin by ear. Being a student of Suzuki and now a teacher of Suzuki I highly recommend this method to not just children but also adults of all ages.

The Suzuki Violin Book Series
There are ten books that are in the Suzuki Violin Series that starts off with the basics all the way up to advanced level classical music. The way these books are set up are to make the student not just learn how to read music, but also listen to a particular song and try to play it after what they heard. All the books in the Suzuki Series come with a CD that encourages the student to actually listen to the piece before he or she ever even plays it. Over time this really develops the ear for music and this has great advantages down the road.

The Advantages of Suzuki Training
The great thing about Suzuki is that it is a method of learning for all ages. The style of instruction suits very well for young kids but also can fit the style of an adult violin player. Once you develop an ear for music there is so much more you can do down the road as far as playing violin without needing music. If you have the ability to hear something on the radio for example, and someone asks you to play exactly what you heard, this is a great skill that can aid in a lot of different musical jobs that require this type of learning. Different styles of violin don't always have written sheet music that you can follow so by being able to play by ear, it really opens up your musical ability to a new level.

Another huge advantage of the Suzuki Method is that it helps out tremendously when you are trying to do improvisation. When you are performing a certain piece outside of classical music, you have the ability to add your own twist to certain notes to make it your own. With a good ear, you can do this a lot easier by knowing the key that you are in and playing different notes and rhythms but improvisation.

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