Saturday, January 15, 2011

My youngest violin student - Connor!

Connor is 4 years old, and has been taking the violin in my studio for a few months now! Connor has a great smile, and loves coming to his violin class. Check out some of the photos we took this past Friday, along with a video of him naming the parts of the violin. Super Cute!

Connor, Mom, and the family showing up for violin class.

Wow what a precious shot! He is holding the violin perfectly under his arm!

 I can't believe he can name all the parts of the violin already! He is so smart!

Monday, January 10, 2011

My daughter would like to learn the violin. I'm not sure if she will love it enough to practice everyday. Is there a way to rent a violin to try it out for a month or so? Thanks in advance for any advice you have.

This is a great question. Let me tell you what I offer in my studio, that you may find a private teacher doing in your area or maybe string instrument shop.

Many parents are stuck in the boat of wondering if their kids are going to like the violin, and don't want to invest a bunch of money into it if they aren't certain their kids are going to like it.

Personally, I provide a rental program, where the parents can pay monthly for a violin, and can return it at anytime. This is convenient for them because it eliminates the risk of them purchasing an instrument that might end up sitting in their closet down the road.

Obviously we all hope that our children develop a liking for the violin or any musical instrument, but sometimes it is better to rent first to make sure the interest is there.

Hope this helps!


Friday, January 7, 2011

My Dad's Wedding!

My dad's wedding was back in September and we finally got the wedding pics! It was a great event, and it is nice to see him so happy. Congrats Dad and Tracy!

Here is a shot of me and my Dad. Does anybody think we look alike?

Our quartet "Serenade" played in the wedding.

A closeup shot of me playing "You Raise me Up" at the wedding. 


The new family!

From left: Brooke (Tracy's Daughter), Stephanie (Tracy's Daughter), Tracy (Dad's Wife), Robert Sanchez (Dad), Michael Sanchez (Me)

What would you say the most important thing for an adult beginner to remember about playing the violin?

I would say the most important thing that you can remember about the violin as an adult beginner is your fundamentals!

Keep your wrist straight, extend your elbow, thumb curved and more, are just some of the things that deal with the fundamentals.

Even if you have been playing or a while, don't be afraid to watch yourself in the mirror. This really helps calibrate yourself every once in a while because things can change with your fundamentals if you don't watch out!

Hope that helps.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Student Spotlight - Danny Heemstra Age 7

Danny Heemstra has been playing the violin in my studio for about 6 months, and he participated in our Christmas Recital this past month! Check out his video playing "Frosty the Snowman." Danny also decided to tell everyone how he decided to play the violin. So Cute!

We also put together a little fun video in the studio of us playing Good King Wenceslas together!

Look for a bunch more student profiles and videos coming in the next month!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hi sir, when should one start playing scales using the Carl fischer book? I am an adult beginner violin player and my teacher wants me to do scales but they are so frightfully difficult!

The Carl Fischer book is one of the most advanced scale books that I have played in or know about. This is a book designed for a professional violinist or someone training to become professional. It is definitely not designed for an adult beginner!

I would recommend something a lot easier. Depending on your skill level, you might want to start playing scales in 2 octaves and then go into 3 octaves once you have all of them mastered. There are many books out there that specialize in both.

The book you are working through is way too hard!

Hope this helps,

MIchael Sanchez

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Hi Michael, Thanks for giving us Violin Tutor Pro! I have a Granada violin (I live in India). My only concern is that the fingerboard paint has started fading away ... Any help is appreciated :) Amit Joseph Patole

Hey Amit! Thanks for the comments about Violin Tutor Pro! Glad you are enjoying the software so far. :)

In answer to your question, normally fingerboards are actually not painted. They are made of ebony, which is a solid black material. I have seen a few fingerboards that were made of a different material and then paint was added, but this usually shows that the instrument is poorly made.

Fortunately the fingerboard has nothing to do with how expensive the violin is worth. You can get a new fingerboard put on, which is a little expensive, but worth the money if you have a valuable violin.

On the other hand I wouldn't worry to much, unless you are looking to sell the instrument.

Michael Sanchez

P.S. Can't wait to announce the launch of Violin Tutor Pro Series 2-5!