Monday, December 27, 2010

Formspring Question - Is it too late for me to start learning violin by the age of 20?

Great question! Many people have the perception that the violin should only be started by those at a young age. This is totally incorrect. Although starting at a young age is great for human development, it is never too late to start playing the violin even at a much older age than 20.

I have found in my studio, that adults learn at a much faster pace. At least 2-3 times faster than a young child between 8-15 years old. They pick up on concepts much faster than children, and most importantly find it more important to work on certain techniques and fundamentals that they appreciate.

My studio ranges from 4 all the way to 88 years old! Some of my students in their later years, started with me, and after a short period of time, are playing very well, and capable of playing in many solo settings. Many of them enjoy it so much!

So in summary my answer to your question. Is it too late to start the violin at age 20? Are you kidding? Absolutely not! If you have the interest, you will be amazed at how far you can go :)

- Michael

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