Wednesday, December 22, 2010

First, congrats on making your twitter so popular. You are Worldwide (Poland). There is a funny coincidence because today I got the idea of buying myself an electric violin! And here you are, following me on tw ( : My request is for you to tell me everything bout it!

Hey there thanks so much for telling me where you are from! It is great to see that the violin is an interest Worldwide, and not just here in the United States. Sounds like you speak pretty English which is great!

I personally don't have any electric violins, or have never purchased any. I do have some friends that play in various bands, and they seem to lean most toward Yamaha fiddles. The ones with the cool halo bodies. Here is one on Amazon that I have seen other fiddle players use. Yamaha Silent Electric Violin.

I have always used a pickup on a classical violin to play gigs. I prefer this because I have played classical all my life. It makes me feel like I have more control over the instrument :). If you want a recommendation of a pickup, I would suggest going with a Yamaha VNP-2. They hook right into the bridge, and really produce a great warm sound.

Hope this somewhat helps!

Michael Sanchez

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