Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Synthetic Core Violin Strings Review

The newest type of string on the market that first came out in the 1960's are called Synthetic Strings. These strings have really changed the violin string industry and have become very popular over the years. They were first introduced onto the market by Dr. Thomastik who is the creator and founder of Dominant Strings. Synthetic Strings are made of the nylon material called Perlon which is what makes synthetic strings unique from other types. Perlon is what gives these types of strings a full-tone quality the great response they are known to have.

Synthetic strings have many advantages and can satisfy the needs of many violin and fiddle players. They are very durable and are much easier to tune than gut strings. They also have a great respond time that can really improve quality of sound. Synthetic strings are a lot different across the board as far as warmth and brightness but that can be an advantage once you find the right fit.

Synthetic strings have the least negative traits in comparison to steel and gut strings. They might take a few days to fully stretch out but once they are you won't have to worry much about maintenance with different humidity. These strings can be costly and can range anywhere from $40-$110 depending on the quality of string. One negativity to point out is it might take a while to find the right combination as there are so many different types of synthetic strings on the market today. Other than that there is a lot great synthetic strings out there and it is just a matter of finding the right one to fit your instrument.

I would highly recommend these types of strings to a beginner player who is looking to spend a little more money for a quality string, or definitely to a medium to advanced player who is ready for an upgrade in sound. There are many different brands of synthetics that have either a great warm quality to them or brightness to them. Many of these brands vary in prices depending on the quality of the Perlon and other variables. Currently Dominant Strings are the most popular string on the market because of their ability to play and affordability. I would give these strings a try first to see how they sound.

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