Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Steel Core Violin Strings Review


Steel core strings are strings that are used primarily by beginner violinists or fiddle players. They are the simplest string on the market and can satisfy the needs of most beginner players. They are also the most inexpensive strings compared to gut and synthetic. Their sound is very direct and they don't have any complex overtones to them.


The nice thing about steel strings is that they stay in tune quite easily because they don't stretch like other types of strings. They can also be used with fine tuners which makes them easier to tune than other strings. Other types of strings have different materials that don't work well with fine tuners so you are forced to tune them with the peg which is harder to do. Steel Strings are also the most durable strings on the market and can stay on an instrument for quite a long time. Many fiddle players like these types of strings because of their durability and the ability for them to stay in tune.


The negative side to steel strings is that they are very thin sounding and have the worst sound compared to other times of strings. A more advanced player will be able to tell the difference in sound right away but a beginner most likely will not. Steel strings can sound somewhat tinny and it is difficult to dig into them compared to synthetic or gut strings.


I would recommend steel strings to the violinist that is just starting out and is looking for a string that isn't going to break their budget. They also work great for fiddle players who want something that is going to last them a while. It takes a while to develop enough skill to be able to notice the different in string types so starting off by using a steel string is probably the best way to go.

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